Ingredients of Midogen

Midogen contains a combination of only three active ingredients: NADH, PQQ, and Trans-Resveratrol. These compounds can be found in a big number of different other anti-aging products. The full ingredients chart of the product can be found online. According to the manufacturer, Midogen is beneficial in terms of decreasing the risk of getting different diseases and reducing aging effects on the user's skin. Resveratrol, NADH, and PQQ can be found in Japanese Knotweed.

NADH is a coenzyme that plays an important role for NAD+ production in the human body. Japanese Knotweed contains high levels of resveratrol which can be naturally found in red wine. This is a good source of anti-aging antioxidants. PQQ is a coenzyme that can reverse the cell aging process by activating gens that stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis. The latter is the process of creation of new mitochondria in aging cells.

Midogen uses the work of mitochondria and NAD+. Mitochondria are parts of cells which are responsible for giving energy to your cells. They produce energy by breaking down carbs and fatty acids. In the result of this difficult process a chemical known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is produced. ATP provides your cells with fuel. Unfortunately, ATP levels reduce with age. According to the Midogen manufacturer, if we boost cellular energy we can reduce the aging effects. However, aging is not only about feeling energized. Being active is only one of the aspects of being young. Midogen stimulates the production of ATP by providing NADH which is a precursor to NAD+ (molecule needed to produce ATP).

Where To Buy Midogen?

This supplement is sold only online. The supplements are not available on Amazon, GNC, Walmart or other retail websites. One bottle (30 capsules) costs about $50 per.

Midogen has a refund policy. You may try the product during 90 days and request a refund if you are not satisfied with the results.