How Vital are Prenatal Vitamins

A "PRENATAL VITAMINS", preferably before conception and during pregnancy. What actually are PRENATAL VITAMINS? These vitamins are specially formulated in the way that they can fulfill nutritional deficiencies in the mother's diet, look hawaiian spirulina. And we know healthy mother gives a healthy baby. These supplements contain a lot of minerals and vitamins, but the amount of folic acid, iron and calcium is of vast importance. Though, it's important to eat healthy and nutritious foods, but prenatal vitamins ensure that you are getting enough of these essential nutrients during pregnancy.

Why do pregnant women need good amounts of iron/calcium and folic acid?

Let's start with folic acid, Folic acid, it can reduce the risk of having a baby with "neural tube defects", a serious birth defect of brain and spinal cordso it's recommended that women should start taking about 400 mcg of folic acid daily when they are planning to conceive.

Calcium during pregnancy can prevent mother to lose her own bone density, as the foetus uses the mineral for bone growth. The recommended allowance during pregnancy is 1200 to 1500 mg per day. Iron supports the development of blood and muscle cells for mother and growing baby and helps prevent anemia. The iron reserves of a woman should be good enough at the time when she's planning to conceive.

Recommended iron intake for pregnant women is 30mg per day. What about other nutrients? Standard prenatal vitamins don't have omega 3 fatty acids, which helps to promote baby's brain development, if you don't want to eat fish or any of the food sources of omega 3, exchange it with omega 3 multivitamins. Besides, vitamin D is also very essential, especially during the third trimester, when calcium demands increase. And if you don't like to drink milk then ask your health care practitioner for calcium and vitamin D supplements.

Do they have any side affects?

Well not much, but some women may experience the following side effects, If prenatal vitamin causes nausea then; Take the pill at night Take you prenatal vitamin with a snack Suck on hard candy or any popsicles after taking your prenatal vitamins Sometimes due to iron, you may experience constipation, then; Drink plenty of water Include physical activity in your daily routine as prescribe by your health care practitioner Include more fiber in your diet in the form of fresh fruits and veggies. Drink psyllium fiber daily at night, 2 tablespoon in half glass of warm water.