Erase/Repair HA

Erase/Repair HA is a new cream for face and neck that claims to make your skin younger visibly, restore its radiance and firmness. According to the manufacturer, you will be able to say no to needles with this natural solution. But can this new skincare revolution really deliver such good results? I don't think so. Because Erase/Repair HA is made by a too young not reputable company that is simply unable to create a high-quality skincare product due to the lack of experience in the field. The official website of the product is not very informative and provides little data about the effects, ingredients and possible adverse reactions associated with the use of the cream. According to many user reviews, this anti-aging cream is a scam.

Erase/Repair HA is not regulated by the government and has not been approved by the FDA. It means that the manufacturer of this skincare and anti-aging cream has not made any specific claims about the structure and ingredients of the product. The manufacturer of the product does not specify how exactly the cream works. As long as no medical claims are made by the company, their product isn't reviewed, its ingredients, etc. So, their claims weren't scrutinized by the FDA before the product was released to the public. But even if the company did make any medical claims, by the time the FDA creates their case against them, they may be on their way to the next scam. To better understand whether this anti-aging product works let us take a look at its ingredients and customer reviews about their experience of using Erase/Repair HA.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Before going further, take a look at the websites for Brilliant Skin Serum, NuPlenish Skincare, and SkinYouth Enhanced. You will immediately notice that they are exactly the same and look like the Erase/Repair HA website! The only differences include the product name and its picture. In most cases, anti-aging products of this kind come with a low online customer reputation (about 1.5 stars). They are almost always associated with poor performance, failure to work, high price, severe allergic reactions and awful customer service. A great number of negative online feedback is not good for a company. But the manufacturer continues selling the product that works badly, at a reasonable price, though. They appear to be playing a game called "hide and scam."

Having too many negative reviews, a company changes their website, the product's name and its picture, and starts the process all over again. This helps them to maintain the existence of the scam and the money flow. To make a long story short, let us take a look at what real customers are telling about it. Many customers say to beware of this scamming company. One woman writes in her review that she ordered the trial sizes of the Serum and Erase/Repair HA, paid the shipping and handling charges. The prices of the products were nowhere mentioned, so the customer assumed that she would get an e-mail with prices before the trial period finishes. About two hours later she received an order confirmation in tiny print that she was already enrolled in their automatic shipping program and would get products every month. No prices were indicated. The woman called to cancel everything immediately. A young lady named Mary played the runaround game with her and told her that her account would be charged $38.71. The woman couldn't get a refund. She finally got Mary's attention when she said "fraud" and threatened to report to the Consumer Protection Agency and Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau. As a result, the representative of the company agreed to take all charges off. Here are some of the actual users' reviews left online.

"I was suckered when I ordered a "free trial" offer of Erase/Repair HA. Actually, this free trial cost me $4.95. I was also automatically signed up for a package protection plan that cost me another $2.95. I am embarrassed to confess that this is a scam! Everything sounded too good to be true. The free trial is a subscription service in reality. It means that you will receive additional shipments of products each month. I would not recommend this company to anyone."

"Erase/Repair HA is an ineffective product, and the company's business policy is even worse. As soon as I received my trial package and opened it, I read inside that unless I cancel my membership I will receive monthly shipments. The matter was that I didn't even know that I had entered into the membership. This is a pure scam operation. Don't be fooled by this company!"

"Erase/Repair HA is a waste of money! $88 for crap! I bought it for my under eye bags but I saw no results at all even though I kept using the product for a week. My skin did not look as hydrated as when I use oil of Olay Regenerist! I would not advise this product to anyone. I even made a video telling how the company erased money from my wallet for nothing. A bunch of scam artists!"