Ingredients of Cognixen

As stated higher, there is no full ingredient list of Cognixen online. It is only claimed that the supplement is formulated with natural ingredients safe for long-term use. However, there is no proof that all ingredients used in this product are clinically tested for effectiveness and safety. Whole green coffee bean powder is the first ingredient in the supplement. It is full of antioxidants, fibre, and other nutrients, which is why this compound can be found in a number of other cognition boosting pills. Whole green coffee is believed to deliver caffeine slowly, which allows enjoying better attention and focus for a few hours. All of these claims are not scientifically proven, though.

Chlorogenic acid is a substance found in green coffee that is considered to improve focus, memory and to increase energy levels. This compound also increases brain power and makes it do more work in return. As a result, you can work more and feel less tired. Unfortunately, this ingredient is associated with a great variety of severe side effects that will be discussed in the next part of this review. Choline is a compound that is said to be able to repair damaged neurotransmitters. However, according to, it is possibly ineffective for better brain function. Vinpocetine is a plant-based ingredient that is claimed to stimulate your focus and suppress anxiety. According to, there is insufficient evidence for its ability to improve memory or to prevent Alzheimer's disease. Finally, Pikatropin is believed to enhance your memory recall. However, this ingredient may cause a number of side effects. There is no information about any other additional or inactive ingredients in the product online. Let us take a look at possible side effects that may be caused by this supplement.

Where To Buy Cognixen?

The best place to purchase this product is its official website because you can be sure to get the original product. The company offers the 14 days trial pack, which means that you can try whether the product works for you within this period of time. If it doesn't, you can return it not later than after two weeks of ordering it online. If you are late, your credit card will be automatically charged the full cost of the bottle - $44.95 and $4.95 shipping. Five packs can be bought for $199.85 plus free shipping. In this way, you are expected to save some of your money.