Children's Dietary Future Is Secure

From the moment we hold our babies in our arms we wish to give them the best of everything. The best of care, best clothes, best education and so on. Do you know that you can set your children on the route to a healthier lifestyle and healthy eating habits from the moment they are conceived? Surprising as this sounds, the Medical Research Council claims that the mother's eating habits during pregnancy can affect their children's eating habits in a big way.

This theory stems from the fact that external factors like diet; pollution etc can affect the ways in which genes are expressed. These external factors can cause capping of some genes which in turn results in these genes not being expressed correctly, read ibgard. Research at the Canadian Cardiovascular Genetics Research Centre shows that capping of a gene associated with a mechanism in muscles can affect the ability of an individual to lose weight.

So, a diet rich in sugars, carbohydrates etc during pregnancy can cause some genes in your offspring to become capped. This theory is still being investigated through case studies and it will take time to prove it but it does shed light on the fact that children's eating habits are largely determined by their parents diet. Therefore, don't wait till your baby has come into the world to inculcate good eating habits in him. Do it from the moment you conceive.

Remember, your children imitate you not just in words and deeds but also in their eating habits therefore don't be slack in this respect. Scientists may claim that eating habits, weight problems and the like are all a matter of genetics but don't let this deter you from resolving to stick to a healthier lifestyle for the sake of your child. This Mothers day, take a decision to stick to a healthy lifestyle and diet so that your children can follow the example you set. Stick to diets rich in protein and low on carbohydrates.

Cut down on fast food and processed stuff. Exercise regularly and get your family to participate too. Do it today because once you do, these habits get inculcated into your children and healthy living will become a way of life for them too. Make this Mothers day extra special by taking the decision to secure your children's health through good eating habits and regular exercise.