A Non-Insurance Alternative

This site is a guide to Healthcare Savings Programs that can save you 15% to 50%, and sometimes more, on all your healthcare needs, including physicians, hospitals, and long term care. These are not insurance plans, but patient advocacy programs that will minimize your out-of-pocket healthcare expenses at a fraction of the cost of health insurance.

These medical savings programs give you access to networks of healthcare providers and bring you the same negotiated rates that the large insurance companies have enjoyed for years! These plans are being successfully used by members throughout the country who have not been able to obtain, or could not afford health insurance. Many others have successfully used the programs with a high-deductible insurance policy and substantially reduced their expenses while still covering their risk, source zipfizz reviews.

Family Care's discount health care plans are an affordable alternative to health insurance.

Our health alliance plan can help you reduce your medical expenses by as much as 60% on services such as Dental, Medical, Vision, Accident Protection, A D&D; and much more! We also include a discount prescription drug plan with a health card that is honored at most leading drugstore chains. With this affordable family health plan, you can realize tremendous health care savings on discount and most all of your medical costs.

Family Care's program can be used to supplement existing insurance programs and major medical policies. Everyone who applies is eligible, so pre-existing conditions not covered by your regular policies can receive service under our program, and at significant savings. If you have limitations, omissions, or capitation with your policy, then Family Care can help plug those holes. After all, if you have to go to the doctor, why pay full price?

Finally - you can have a health care advocate that will help you get quality care at an affordable price! The insurance companies and HMO's often leave the patient in the middle while they find a way to deny or delay care. We put YOU first. Customer service representatives with each plan are trained to help you find the hospital or health specialist you need at the lowest possible cost to you. You'll receive immediate savings without having to file confusing claim forms or waiting for someone to authorize your care.

We've built this website for the purpose of helping families and businesses who are caught in the middle of the healthcare crisis. We pride ourselves on helping you find the best patient advocate health care plan available - a role no one else seems to be filling.

Check out our health savings plans so you can start enjoying discounts on all your health care needs.