Addium is a dietary supplement (some Elevacity) produced by a non-reputable and badly known company. It has its official website but the latter depicts neither any product's ingredients, nor possible side effects after consuming them. The professionally made design of the website is of no help to people who want to know these two main points about Addium. The manufacturer gives the following address: 711 South Carson St. Suite 4, Carson City, NV 89701. They also inform a telephone number calling to which I have not been answered.

According to the official website, Addium is a mental enhancement formula that is intended to raise energy levels, boost one's brain performance, and maintain focus. The promises are loud. But does the product really work or is it another scam? We're going to learn it by discussing the main ingredients of the supplement.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

There is no information about possible side effects of Addium on the official website. But there isn't any supplement that wouldn't cause any side effects, and this one is no exception. Looking at its main ingredients, it is clear that not all ingredients are natural, that's why they may carry some potential dangers. Besides, the product's label doesn't state dosages of its main ingredients.

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Ingredients of Blackcore Edge Max

So, it can be easily concluded that the marketing is a scam, but does this stuff work? Let's try to find out what is hidden in the formula. If we look on the official website, we will see that it offers completely nothing on BlackCore Edge. For me, it was a very difficult task to find out the truth. When I visited third party websites, I found at least four different ingredient lists. One website named Niacin, L-Arginine,and Vitamin C as the main components in the supplement. Another one highlighted Epimedium, Saw Palmetto, and Tongkat Ali, while the third one mentioned Ginseng, Wild Yam, and Muira Puama. Finally, the forth website talked about protein and creatine. I could find more ingredient lists but I decided to stop.

Blackcore Edge Max official website claims that the supplement offers benefits similar to steroids. It increases testosterone levels and enhances sexual performance. However, this product does not flood your body with raw testosterone like steroids. It claims to use natural ingredients. Those components include a lot of herbal extracts, according to the manufacturer. They say, those compounds were used by ancient civilizations to boost sexual desire. Very few of the components are have any scientific evidence. It remains unclear whether the ingredients are safe. The formula of the product has not been studied. Its safety has not been verified.

It is likely that the active ingredients in Blackcore Edge Max include nettle extract, wild yam extract, saw palmetto, tongkat ali, orchic, epimedium, boron amino acid chelate, and sarsaparilla. Most of these ingredients are said to boost libido, while other promise to increase your testosterone levels. According to, orchic extract is traditionally used to improve the health of testicles in men. There is lack of evidence backing up the benefits of Blackcore Edge Max ingredients for sexual life and health in general. Orchic is known to be a fancy name for cow testicles.

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Ingredients of Cognixen

As stated higher, there is no full ingredient list of Cognixen online. It is only claimed that the supplement is formulated with natural ingredients safe for long-term use. However, there is no proof that all ingredients used in this product are clinically tested for effectiveness and safety. Whole green coffee bean powder is the first ingredient in the supplement. It is full of antioxidants, fibre, and other nutrients, which is why this compound can be found in a number of other cognition boosting pills. Whole green coffee is believed to deliver caffeine slowly, which allows enjoying better attention and focus for a few hours. All of these claims are not scientifically proven, though.

Chlorogenic acid is a substance found in green coffee that is considered to improve focus, memory and to increase energy levels. This compound also increases brain power and makes it do more work in return. As a result, you can work more and feel less tired. Unfortunately, this ingredient is associated with a great variety of severe side effects that will be discussed in the next part of this review. Choline is a compound that is said to be able to repair damaged neurotransmitters. However, according to, it is possibly ineffective for better brain function. Vinpocetine is a plant-based ingredient that is claimed to stimulate your focus and suppress anxiety. According to, there is insufficient evidence for its ability to improve memory or to prevent Alzheimer's disease. Finally, Pikatropin is believed to enhance your memory recall. However, this ingredient may cause a number of side effects. There is no information about any other additional or inactive ingredients in the product online. Let us take a look at possible side effects that may be caused by this supplement.

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Erase/Repair HA

Erase/Repair HA is a new cream for face and neck that claims to make your skin younger visibly, restore its radiance and firmness. According to the manufacturer, you will be able to say no to needles with this natural solution. But can this new skincare revolution really deliver such good results? I don't think so. Because Erase/Repair HA is made by a too young not reputable company that is simply unable to create a high-quality skincare product due to the lack of experience in the field. The official website of the product is not very informative and provides little data about the effects, ingredients and possible adverse reactions associated with the use of the cream. According to many user reviews, this anti-aging cream is a scam.

Erase/Repair HA is not regulated by the government and has not been approved by the FDA. It means that the manufacturer of this skincare and anti-aging cream has not made any specific claims about the structure and ingredients of the product. The manufacturer of the product does not specify how exactly the cream works. As long as no medical claims are made by the company, their product isn't reviewed, its ingredients, etc. So, their claims weren't scrutinized by the FDA before the product was released to the public. But even if the company did make any medical claims, by the time the FDA creates their case against them, they may be on their way to the next scam. To better understand whether this anti-aging product works let us take a look at its ingredients and customer reviews about their experience of using Erase/Repair HA.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Before going further, take a look at the websites for Brilliant Skin Serum, NuPlenish Skincare, and SkinYouth Enhanced. You will immediately notice that they are exactly the same and look like the Erase/Repair HA website! The only differences include the product name and its picture. In most cases, anti-aging products of this kind come with a low online customer reputation (about 1.5 stars). They are almost always associated with poor performance, failure to work, high price, severe allergic reactions and awful customer service. A great number of negative online feedback is not good for a company. But the manufacturer continues selling the product that works badly, at a reasonable price, though. They appear to be playing a game called "hide and scam."

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